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What are your shipping policies?

Look here for your answer.

What is your return policy?

Look here for your answer.

Help! What are the differences between cloth diapers?

We’ve laid out a great summary of the features of different cloth diapers here.

How do I prep cloth diaper products made of microfiber?

Just wash these diapers/inserts one time before using them.

How do I prep cloth diapers made of natural fabrics?

We recommend prepping natural fibers (cotton, hemp, bamboo) with 3-4 cycles of extra hot washes followed by drying. This fluffs the fabric and makes it more absorbent. The great thing about natural fibers is the longer you use these diapers, the more absorbent they will become.

How do I launder my cloth diapers at home?

We’ve jotted down our best cloth diaper laundering tips here.

How do I strip my diapers?

Check out this YouTube video to see our recommended way of stripping diapers.

I am having trouble getting my diapers smelling clean, can you help?

Yes! Try our cloth diaper troubleshooting guide for a list of common problems and solutions.

How many diapers do I need to get started?
Your target should be a collection of 24 diapers, enough to safely make it through two days with a bit of a buffer. If you have more than one child in diapers, add 10 diapers per each additional child. Having at least these many diapers means you’ll only have to wash every other day.

Do you hold community events/instructional classes at the store?

Yes, we’re glad you asked. Check out our event calendar, which includes classes on babywearing and cloth diapering.

Do you accept preorders of cloth diapers not in stock?
We do accept preorders on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at contact@bumbledoo.com so we can address your question about a specific product.

Do you sell gift cards/gift certificates?

Yes, we do. Please shop for bumbledoo bucks here. We also have